What Makes Walworth Well Worth It

Our Mercyhealth Hospital and Medical-Center Walworth campus is an essential component to the health and wellness of the surrounding communities.

Great things often come in small packages, and while our Javon Bea Hospitals and Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center reside in bigger cities such as Rockford and Janesville respectively, our critical access hospital, Mercyhealth Hospital and Medical Center-Walworth, is nestled in perhaps the quaintest nook of Southern Wisconsin while still maintaining easy access to larger metropolitan areas.

This state-of-the-art hospital and clinic marries cutting-edge technology and resources with an intimate, community-focused feel that allows our partners to create lasting, meaningful relationships with their patients and vice-versa. But while the appeal of our award-winning critical access hospital is well-known throughout the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region, less is known about the communities, amenities, and work-life balance opportunities that surround this campus.

With this mind, let’s take a quick peek at people, places, and thing that make Walworth unique and well worth the time to work, live, and play.

Geneva Lake

Located just a stone’s throw from our Walworth campus is one of Wisconsin’s most popular destination for boating, fishing, and recreation. Geneva Lake, whose shores include the towns of William’s Bay, Fontana, and Lake Geneva, encompasses more than 7 miles of beaches, trails, docks, piers, look-outs, and more, and also provides the boutique towns of William’s Bay, Fontana, and Lake Geneva with year-round tourist traffic via a number of fine resorts and hotels.

Apart from outdoor recreation, each of these lakeside communities offers local, independent shopping districts, innovative and farm-to-table dining options, robust nightlife, and a number of family-oriented attractions and activities. In addition, the Town of Lake Geneva and its shoreline boasts homes and other architectural marvels from the early 1920’s and 1930’s when the town was a common getaway for some of Chicago and Milwaukee’s most well-to-do families.

One of the most unique and interesting attractions is the Lake Geneva Ice Castles, an outdoor illuminated icicle display that runs every winter and draws thousands of visitors for tours of palatial ice sculptures complete with a stunning light display.

Easy access to Milwaukee, Madison

If you’re looking to combine the charm and safety of a small town with the convenience of travel to the lights and sounds of the city, then you’re in luck. Our Walworth hospital is a mere 50 minutes from Wisconsin’s largest city of Milwaukee where a day trip can include such stops as its lakefront trail and parks, the Betty Brine Children’s Museum, trendy shopping/dining neighborhood the Historic Third Ward, and professional sports in the MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers and the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.

Just a hair more than 60 minutes to the west you’ll find the Wisconsin capital of Madison, which is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison (the state’s largest public 4-year university campus), along with the world-famous and year-round Dane County Farmers Market, which features the largest array of artisanal foods and crafts from across the state. Madison is also home to a diverse dining scene, a variety of children’s and family activities, and the twin lakes of Monona and Mendota.

Yerkes Observatory

From the ‘That’s Pretty Neat’ files, especially for those prone to gazing up at the stars, the Town of Williams Bay is home to the famed Yerkes Observatory. Built in 1897, Yerkes is considered the birthplace of modern astrophysics and for several decades was home to some of the largest telescopes in the world. Operated by the University of Chicago until 2018, Yerkes was a critical research tool for today’s astronomers and the public tours offered attendees a rare glimpse into how the facility and its tools brought the universe closer and into better understanding for not only Williams Bay’s residents, but also the world.

Yerkes closed as an active research intuition in 2018 and ownership was transferred in 2020 from the University of Chicago to the non-profit Yerkes Future Foundation, which is working restore and maintain public access to the site. Nevertheless, the Yerkes grounds remain an astonishing architectural and scientific landmark for astronomy and science enthusiasts.

Walworth County Fair

Perhaps the best definition of a traditional, Midwest county fair comes in the form of the Walworth County Fair, held every summer at the Walworth County Fairgrounds. This classic rendition of a county fair features a 100-acre facility that welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests each year to experience award-winning shows, demonstrations, displays, and of course the finest in Wisconsin fair cuisine the Dairy State has to offer. One of the longest-running county fairs in the state, the Walworth County Fair also provides a host of recreational and family-friends activities that will delight and entertain children and adults alike.

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