The Importance of Operating Room Technicians

The importance of Operating Room Technicians (also known as Surgical Technicians) cannot be understated. These highly-skilled, certified health care professionals essentially set the stage in the operating room for a successful procedure or operation and also serve as the eyes and ears for both the patient and the surgeon: serving as an advocate for the patient and an added layer of quality control for the surgeon and the rest of the surgical team.

OR Technicians are credentialed professionals that must complete accredited surgical technician training programs, which are most commonly 2-year programs at a community college or technical/professional school. In addition, OR Technicians most commonly hold certifications and credentials from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

Our Operating Room Technicians like Trish (left) and Korrinna (right) work as part of a dynamic, collaborative team.

While OR Technicians do actively participate in the field of surgery with the surgeon and operating room nurse, OR Technicians perform a variety of different functions and duties including the set-up, preparation, and break down of tools, instruments, and equipment depending on any given procedure.

What does an OR Technician do?

OR Technicians perform a number of critical tasks and duties, but for the purposes of understanding this position on a more macro-level, we can break down these functions into 3 major categories.

Patient advocate: Perhaps most importantly, OR Technicians are patient advocates during any procedure. This means their primary responsibility is to the patient to ensure processes, tools, and resources are deployed in the most patient-centric ways possible. This is not to say the operating room nurses or surgeons do not put the needs or concern for the patient at the top of their priorities, but given an OR Technician’s expertise with the equipment, instruments, and resources of any given operating room, they’re uniquely positioned to be the most effective patient advocate.

Equipment experts: As we just mentioned, OR Technicians possess a high level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the instruments or technologies necessary for each procedure. This knowledge and experience is demonstrated by an OR Technician assembling the right tools for any given procedure and setting up an operating room in a manner that will best assist the nurses and surgeons in an effective, efficient session.

Set-up/break down: OR Technicians essentially create the sandbox in which the rest of the operating room plays. From ensuring the right instruments are available at the ready to ensuring the surgery field remains sterile and is configured in the most logical, efficient manner possible, OR Technicians are critical both pre and post operation and must possess strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

How we value our OR Technicians

As with all our partners, we understand the importance and value our OR Technicians bring to our organization. And we also understand what OR Technicians value in terms of a place to call their professional home. As such, we work hard to ensure our OR Technicians receive:

  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Generous PTO (paid-time-off) accruals
  • Tuition and certification
    reimbursement to promote professional development
  • A collaborative, dynamic team with an emphasis
    on a family-like atmosphere
  • A rewarding work-life balance

It’s for these reasons and many more that our OR Technician team continues to grow and develop across our organization, and why we want you to become our next OR Technician team member.

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