Take Five with OR Technician Mike Keller

OR Technician Mike Keller is an advocate for the patient experience.Mike Keller has been a Mercyhealth partner since September 2017. His passion and dedication as an OR Technician at our Harvard campus fills a room, and after 15 years in his field, his drive to be the best patient advocate possible remains undiminished.

“If you’re driven to do what you do and patient walks out of the hospital with a better quality of life, then that’s what matters,” said Keller.

Keller is also a husband and father of 7 children, so it’s safe to say he’s pretty busy. We were recently fortunate enough to sit down with Keller for a discussion about what the personality traits of successful OR techs, what keeps him motivated to learn and keep developing his skills, and what makes us unique in today’s health care landscape.

On what it takes to be a great OR Technician

Everything you do is about putting the patient first. Regardless of the situation, you have to be assertive enough to speak up if a patient’s needs are not being met. This also means being able to stay calm and collected under pressure. A good patient experience is critical. Knowing when a patient is scared, uneasy, needs encouragement or to hear a joke is a big part of what we do. Surgery is a scary thing and being able to recognize and understand a patient’s need makes for a great OR Technician.

On the importance of collaboration and communication in surgery

Every patient is different, every surgery is different, so a clear line of communication and trust between the surgeons, nurses, and techs is the only way to achieve success for the patient. What’s great about how we work at Mercyhealth is the encouragement of collaboration.  Opinions or suggestions are heard and appropriately utilized.

On what makes our partner culture special

Our focus is the patient – 100 percent! This impacts every single aspect of the patient experience. Not only are we given the time and space to really get to know the patients we serve, we also make it a priority to help the communities we serve. We participate in many local events or causes . We’re part of the community and that’s a meaningful part of our work.

On why you love what you do

It’s knowing that I made someone’s life better. I go home at night knowing I made an impact in a patient’s life, that I made something special happen for them.. Like I said, working in surgery can be a stressful job, but being a patient advocate and giving something back to our community is what it’s all about.

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