Careers at Mercyhealth Mailbag: Step-down ICU, laboratory careers, and Biomedical Technicians

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Let’s get to this week’s mailbag questions – enjoy!

Joy C. from Roscoe, IL (via Facebook):I’ve worked as a RN for the last year and a half in the Emergency Department but I’m looking to move into a different specialty that continues to challenge and push me but in a different way than working the ED. Which unit in your organization would fit the bill?

Our Step-down ICU unit may be an area you want to explore. Step-down ICU is essentially what it sounds like: A unit that provides acutely ill patients with a high-level of care that is just a step-down from a traditional ICU environment but more than our Adult Critical Care unit. Our Step-down ICU RNs may work with anywhere between 3 and 4 patients at a time with a variety of ailments ranging from orthopedic, neurological, surgical, cardiac, and more. Our Step-down ICU is a fast-paced environment that requires our RNs to work both independently and collaboratively to provide the extra monitoring and high-level of care patients need in order to keep them stable and on the right path toward recovery. Our Step-down ICU RNs also gain valuable experience in so many areas that their skill-sets are often broadened and their comfort level and confidence with all areas of nursing is deepened.

Tommy W. from Marengo, IL (via Instagram): I’m currently studying Laboratory Science at Northern Illinois University and want to know what careers would be available to me upon graduation? What kind of jobs would I be qualified for?

The career opportunity you’d likely be most suited and best equipped for would be our Medical Laboratory Technologists. The primary roles or responsibilities of this position are to provide exceptional patient care by collecting and processing samples and performing clinical laboratory procedures to help our nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. Our Medical Laboratory Technologists work with cutting-edge equipment in state-of-the-art lab facilities to provide fast, efficiency, and accurate test results across our entire organization of hospital and clinic locations.

Stan R. from Whitewater, WI (via email): What’s a Biomedical Technician? What kind of degree or experience would I need for this job?

Our Biomedical Technicians essentially service, maintain, or repair the equipment or devices used by our health care professionals to save patient lives each and every day. Our Biomedical Technicians work a variety of shifts across our entire organization to ensure everything from heart monitors to breathing machines to IV machines are functioning at the highest level and with the greatest efficiency for our patients. Our Biomedical Technicians are hands-on individuals who employ critical thinking, mechanical knowledge, and customer service skills. In terms of certifications or degrees, our Biomedical Technicians must have an Associate’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering or a related field. We prefer our Biomedical Technicians to have some experience in the health care industry; however, that is not a requirement and we are willing to provide training to the right candidate.

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