Careers at Mercyhealth Mailbag: Dialysis, Security positions, and applying online

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Let’s get to this week’s mailbag questions – enjoy!

Bobby W. from Loves Park, IL (via email): Do you employ an in-house security team for your Rockford hospitals or do you work with some kind of outside contractor or organization? Either way, are you hiring for your security team?

Our Rockford hospital Security team (both Rockton Avenue and Riverside) consist of our own Mercyhealth partners, not an outside organization or contractor. Our Security partners are often former law enforcement professionals or those with a career background or former training in criminal justice or hospital security. Our Security partners are provided annual training and seminars in both physical and verbal de-escalation to ensure a safe health care environment for our patients and fellow partners. Our Security teams serve both hospitals on a 24/7, 365 basis, which allows for a variety of shifts and flexible scheduling options. We are currently seeking new Security partners and you can browse and apply for these positions here.

Rachelle S. from Delavan, WI (via Facebook): I’m an RN with 10 years of experience in a variety of units and am considering a move to an Inpatient Dialysis unit. What kind of work environment or patient population would I likely be working with?

Nurses in our Dialysis units (particularly in an in-patient setting) work closely and intimately with a smaller number of patients. This means these RNs often form close, long-lasting relationships with their patients and must possess the ability to create and maintain tightly-knit bonds with their patients and the families as well. While all of our nursing units require our RNs to be compassionate, caring individuals, our Dialysis unit requires the greater capability to work one-on-one with patients in more independent work environment. We are also seeking Dialysis Technicians to assist with our in-patient and out-patient units as well.

Shawn M. from Lake Geneva, WI (via Facebook): Is there an easy, mobile-friendly way I can browse and apply for jobs online on my phone or tablet?

Our careers website ( and the careers portion of our main website ( both are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate via a phone or tablet. In addition, you can also browse and apply for our current career opportunities right from our social media platforms! See the below screenshot to view where you can apply for positions via our Facebook page.

In addition, our online application process is quick, easy, and allows for users to complete an application in a matter of minutes via any Internet-enabled device.

Thanks for reading this week’s Careers at Mercyhealth Mailbag! Look for a new mailbag next week!

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