4 Things to Know About Our Pharmacy Technicians

The pharmacy in a hospital-setting can often be an overlooked element in direct patient care, but Pharmacy Technicians are the lifeblood of a critical department in providing the lifesaving medications and treatments necessary to save lives. Technicians not only inventory, package, distribute, and in some cases prepare these medications and treatments, but they also consult with pharmacists, nurses, and others in direct-patient care roles.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Gloria Powers

But did you know that our hospital-based Pharmacy Technicians have a variety of roles to choose from within the pharmacy itself? Our technicians have the opportunity to work numerous tasks including packaging, running, IV preparation, or even chemotherapy preparation to ensure they’re well-rounded pharmacy professionals and promote professional development and growth.

In fact, let’s take a look at 4 things to know about our Pharmacy Technicians in order to better understand what makes Mercyhealth’s technician team unique and special.

Patient interaction

Our Pharmacy Technicians are not restricted to the confines of the actual pharmacy. Instead, their responsibilities include running medications up to the medical floors and quite often engaging and interacting with patients on matters concerning medications and prescriptions. These patient interactions not only provide a more personalized level of care for our patients and their families, but it also gives our Pharmacy Technicians a greater and deeper connection to their work.

“I love going up to the floors and talking with patients,” says Certified Pharmacy Technician Gloria Powers. “Meeting the people I’m helping with my pharmacy work gives me a great sense of pride.”

Advancement opportunities

Our Pharmacy Technicians have the opportunity for growth and advancement within the structure of our hospital pharmacy. Our career ladder serves as a critical professional development tool for our technicians to earn and be recognized for advanced certifications and designations. In addition, our Pharmacy Technicians can work into a variety of upper-level positions such as Buyer – a role tasked with purchasing the medications and treatment resources necessary to keep the pharmacy operating efficiently.

Fast-paced work environment

Unlike most retail or clinic pharmacy environments, our hospital pharmacy is a hotbed of activity that requires attention to detail, precision, and accuracy. Our Pharmacy Technicians work as part of a collaborative, dynamic team to manage and complete several tasks at any given time. It’s safe to say our hospital pharmacies are high-octane work environments, but with this workflow comes invaluable experience and a sense of satisfaction at successfully multi-tasking in the service of patients.

State-of-the-art facilities

Today’s Pharmacy Technician needs the right tools and resources to succeed, and our pharmacies facilities feature advanced and state-of-the-art robotic and automation technology to help our technicians perform at a high-level on a 24/7 basis. From sorting to packaging to inventory, our pharmacies are equipped with the computing and robotic resources today’s technician requires. In addition, our Pharmacy Technicians are trained and knowledgeable on how these robotic and automated systems both supplement and work in coordination with their tasks. This insight allows for greater professional development in terms of how today’s technology is helping those in the health care industry work better and faster for our patients.

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